The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop March 9 and 10, 2013  •  Flicker: Artists & Super 8
Smiths Row, a contemporary art gallery in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK


„Three Soups“
Experimental film processing workshop with coffee, tea and beer


The workshopwill be split into two five-hour sessions over two days.

We’ll start off by learning about Super 8 and how to use a camera. We’ll watch some Super 8 films to get a feel of the format… And then we’re off out.

The four participants will go out shooting Super 8 film using Kodak Tri-X which will be developed as black & white negative.

When we return to the lab we’re going to prepare the dark room, set up the tank and develop the films together.

A smell of brewery hangs in the air. We start to feel alchemistic and very environmentally friendly as we bathe the two 15 metre long film strips in their yummy baths!

The results will be black & white negative films.We then hang them in the gallery to dry. When ready, we set up the projector and enjoy our very own movie premiere together with a good glass of (fresh) coffee, tea or beer.

The workshop's over now!! Thank you Bev, Sarah, Sharon and Tony for being part of it! It was pure fun and you did a cool job! And a big extra thank you Nick for brewing that special beer for us!!

I made a little beer test film. Developed a TriX film using Old Speckled Hen beer, vitamin c and washing soda.
Watch it on Vimeo!
Nick's special Ale
The Russian developing tank.    
Bev checking the coffee smell, Tony stirring!
Camera testing!
The kitchen corner of the gigantic workshop space
Carrot filming on the market!
Coffee – good for me and you and film :-)   Here, left and right, 2 short films made from the workshop results!